AIM Shoutout | 50 Followers Special

I have always wanted to do this in order to show just how important expanding this blog truly is. I want to do something special for every time I reach a certain number of followers; which in this case is a shoutout to anyone who is also struggling to gain traffic.

My milestones will include:






And so on.

So, the one person I will give a shoutout to my 50 followers is…


He is a Swedish musician who mixes old Norse world music with electronica; basically mixing the old with the new. More specifically, he is interested in the Viking era and the tales of the Eddas, which is where all of what we know of Norse mythology is found within it. The titles of his songs are directly inspired from them, with Hyperborea being an example:

You will also know who Masatrox is because his icon uses Huginn and Muginn, who were Odin’s two ravens who travel throughout the realms and update him about any recent news.

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