Basic Lexicon (Jlìābetlwaó)

-abe-: [increases]
ameanjol: temple (god house)
ananol: ruin [leave house]
aol: house
-ba-: negation
-baba-: never
-bai-: completed action
beong: bow/to curve/to bend
bequashlilolong: gun
ber: to take
bijeijil: to join
bil: to enter
bim: tiger
brer: new
briq: star
bribrubiq: galaxy [vast star]
brub: vast/million
brumejub: quintillion
chal: beast
chert: mist
chezwart: spring [bearing mist]
chui: seven
chuimuimuibtlet: city of seven ghosts
debiled: open
deiabed: fateful
deomed: hurrying
erert: to constrict
erjaot: to bind [to twist down]
erm: work
ert: to twist/coil
-etle-: city
eweojert: to turn/spin [to twist around]
hab: to separate
heam: just, public
heng: nest/den
hirt: to carry
hom: to love
hwie: room
hwioj: world/boundary/scope
hwishlwae: kitchen [eating room]
hwriam: thing
hwriao: bone
hwrishlwaibiam: feast [continuous food]
hwrishlwa’am: food [eaten thing]
iab: fate
ib: born
-ibi-: continuous
-imo-: empire
ioj: wood
ioweojoj: wheel [around wood]
janj: hero
jao: down/in [in deep/in chains]
je: in/at [locative]
jebae: from [locative]
jeij: to add/plus
jeje: specifically at this location
jemleongij: to triumph/victory [add glory]
jlan: to free/to release
jlazhern: to forsake
jlejleng: dragons
jleming: emperor [dragon’s son]
jleng: dragon
jlezhiming: empress
jliabetlwao: book/codex/lexicon [abundance of words]
jliao: wind
jlijlitlwao: words
jlitlwao: to write/word [mouth-wind]
jlub: alligator
joab: dust
Joqaolab: pollen (flower dust)
jotleab: white/pink
jro: to unite
jrojro: to combine/synthesize
jrujrung: chocolate
jrung: brown color
kabert: mountain [great hill]
kabetzimert: pyramid [man-mountain]
kabiqreijimang: kalidah [tiger-headed bear]
kang: bear
keim: back
keiuom: and [connecting sentences]
kejajanjert: fortress [heroes’ hill]
kel: bird
kelimert: cliff
kert: hill
kert: hill
kez: plant
kian: to become
kiakian: to change completely one’s own identity
lia: likely
liat: brave
liern: every/hundred
liernshean: hundred thousand
liet: to rule
lij: red color
lilij: blood
lim: rock
liniat: warrior
lizhuolim: island [water rock]
lob: front
losueb: before [to use front]
-lon-: diminutive
luoninj: slave
luonj: serve
majshean: ten thousand
manj: east
meanj: god
mej: hand/five
mejbrub: five million
menjerej wil: 14
menjerej: ten/two hands
met: link, to connect
meterbet: chain
metzhianj-tluaning: goddess-qeen
-mi-: [part of/descends from]
mlab: green
mlamlab: verdure/forest
mleong: glory
mli: eye/to see
mlob: face
moz: fowl
muem: puma
muetleib: disgrace [city-ghost]
muib: ghost
mulonem: cat [little puma]
mulonemrenj: cat fur [cat hair]
mulonkangem: panda [bear-cat]
nan: leave
naz: monkey
-ni-: agent noun/ or “to do”
njer: two
nuibot: commoner [born of the people]
nuot: people
om: to go
qaob: calm
qaol: flower
qeonj: rainbow
qnal: to kill
qnaqnal: to commit genocide
qniq: home/kingdom
qnua: horse
qnuzwoa: unicorn
qrababam: to abandon [to never bring]
qram: to bring
qreij: head
qriao: good
qrizhrenao: fortune [family’s goodness]
qrol: if/or
qrung: cowrie/pen
quashlilol: gunpowder [fire dust]
quo: yellow
renj: hair
sen: rest
setun: peace [long rest]
sib: to laugh
shean: many/thousand
sheibiel: war
shel: to fight
shio: one
shlao: medicine/drug
shlil: fire
shling: light
shlwa: eat
slal: friend
slia: clear/bright
sue: to use
tejaonj: valley [down-land]
teng: name
tenj: land
terb: metal
tetzaibenj: fertility [earthy land]
tezwuilerb: iron
tiabeng: to name
tib: bright/to shine
tililijit: bloody
titlwainit: golden
tlan: three
tle: color
tle-_-eb: that [used to indicate specifically]
tleal: wing
tlet: city
tliut: snake
tloa: to hear
tlotloa: to understand/comprehend
tluang: to speak
tluaning: speaker/king
tlwa: mouth
tlwaberin: to plunder
tlwain: gold
tlwatlein: gold color
tol: gourd/vessel
tu: long
tzaib: earth
-tzhi-: feminine
tzhio: woman
tzim: man
tzub: ancient
tzubjaibinj: legacy
tzutzub: primordial/prehistoric
uo: so/thus
waob: foreign/out/outsider
weoj: around
wil: four
winj: cactus
wul: poison
zeng: hot
zeomeng: the sun [it is hot and goes]
zhe: with
zhen: moon
zher: to discard
zheuo: and [connecting different words]
zhlol: money/to buy
zhrao: river
zhren: family
zhrenj: grace
zhrezwilen: ancestor [far family]
zhril: jaguar
zhriwaobil: many colors of the jaguar
zhuilian: should [modal]
zhuimol: ocean [empire-water]
Zhuimoltenj: land of the ocean
zhuin: to answer/respond
zhuol: water
ziet: all/complete
zij: pond
zil: marsh
zizilij: swamp [pond marsh]
zizwaet: to possess [to grasp completely]
zubai: to fall
zui: top
zujei: over
zujejei: capital [specifically at this top]
zwa: to bear
zwazwa: to grasp
zwil: far
zwo: horn
zwuil: silver