“Njalebjlazhern notluaning, keiuom njalabijeijil
Keiuom tinzetionkian jemleongij temeanjenj zujei
Aerert keiuom aerjaot iaianib tezwuilerb meterbet jao,
Keiuom aeweojert kwrizhrenao boioweojoj omejian
Keiuom zeomeng zhuilian bezubai jebae bozeomeng
Lobue azekian Tlwaberin tililijit kwrol timuetleibit”

[Forsake him your king, and join me
And we will provide ourselves victory over the world
I constrict and I bind the Fate-Ones in iron chains,
And turn Fortune’s wheel provided by my hand;
And the sun should sooner fall from his sky
Before Tamburlaine will become bloodied or disgraced]

Forsake thy king, and do but join with me,
And we will triumph over all the world:
I hold the Fates bound fast in iron chains,
And with my hand turn Fortune’s wheel about;
And sooner shall the sun fall from his sphere
Than Tamburlaine be slain or overcome.

Tamburlaine Part 1, Act 2, Scene 1